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Application Instructions

NSHS Accreditation Application

Expansion of Scope

NOTE: Use this Expansion of Scope form only to apply for a scope expansion for a currently accredited entity. Use the Accreditation Application form (above) to apply for recertification or initial accreditation.


Accreditation Fees

The NSHS accreditation program is designed to be self-supporting. The fees are structured across four options: Seed Health Testing, Phytosanitary Field Inspection, Seed Sampling for Seed Health Testing, and Visual Inspection of Seed for Phytosanitary Certification.

The NSHS accreditation fees are structured across several areas:  NSHS Testing Fee Structure

  • A $1000 non-returnable application fee is required by USDA-APHIS with the initial application.
  • Accreditation fees are based on a sliding scale that accounts for the number of seed health tests, number of crops for Phytosanitary Inspection, and number of sites to be accredited within the organization.
  • Additional costs are covered by the entity for auditor fees and travel expenses.
  • USDA-APHIS requires that accreditation certificates be renewed every three years. Accredited entities must complete a new application form with the application fee of $1,000.
  • Accreditation can be refused due to failure to pay fees. Fees include work performed by the Administration Unit (AU), application deposits, audits, and proficiency testing. Application fees are expected to be paid upon application. All fees invoiced through the AU follow Iowa State University’s payment policy and net 90-day term. Past due accounts may result in a reduction in accreditation scope or suspension of accreditation.