NSHS Administration Unit Personnel Changes

July 2016:

We are excited to welcome Dr. Charlie Block to the NSHS team at ISU! The ISU Seed Science Center serves as the Administration Unit for NSHS, acting as liaison with accredited companies and associations, developing procedures for accredited activities, and conducting technical reviews of proposed seed health testing methods. With the addition of Dr. Block, we are re-arranging some NSHS responsibilities within the Seed Science Center staff.

  • Dr. Charlie Block will serve as Administration Unit Co-Director, with responsibilities for carrying out technical reviews of laboratory seed health testing methods. Methods proposed for NSHS approval and other correspondence related to NSHS seed health testing methods should be directed to Charlie.
  • Dr. Tracy Bruns will continue as Accreditation Coordinator; new applications for accreditation and accreditation renewals should be directed to Tracy. She is responsible for preliminary evaluation of accreditation materials and communication with USDA-APHIS for application processing. Tracy also is acting as liaison for participants in the CGMMV pilot program (NSHAPP).
  • Dr. Gary Munkvold will serve as Administration Unit Co-Director, working closely with Charlie and Tracy on development of accreditation and method review procedures, overseeing research efforts on seed health method development and improvement, and securing funding for NSHS Administration Unit operations.

We thank Dr. Nancy Gonzalez for her efforts on technical reviews of laboratory methods and website management. Going forward, Nancy will be shifting to 100% effort on research projects.