New Pospiviroid Testing Protocol for Tomato and Peppers

June 2020:

A new testing method for six pospiviroids in tomato and pepper seeds was recently approved by the National Seed Health System’s Policy & Procedures Advisory Board. The new NSHS approved method, developed by collaborators from Bayer Crop Science and the ISU Seed Science Center, So 6.1  Pospiviroids (CLVd, PCFVd, PSTVd, TASVd, TCDVd, and TPMVd), TaqMan RT-PCR Method, Ver 1.0 (National Seed Health System), will be added to the NSHS list of approved testing methods and is now available to be included in NSHS accreditation. Contact Dr. Gary Munkvold, NSHS Co-Director,, for more information.

[Media Credit: Pixabay Images]