Changes to Method So7.1 for ToBRFV Implemented

Method So7.1 for ToBRFV version 2.0 is now available.

Information about ToBRFV testing is continually evolving. Additional data regarding the ToBRFV method and the cutoff threshold was reviewed during the last NSHS PPAB meeting and resulted in updates to the ToBRFV method, So 7.1. Two significant changes resulted: the Ct cutoff values are changing, and an interim measure will be put into place for inconclusive results.

The new Ct cutoff values will be as follows:

  • ≤ 32 is positive for ToBRFV
  • > 32 to ≤ 34 is inconclusive
  • > 34 is negative for ToBRFV

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Contact Kelly Iverson (515-294-6493, at the NSHS Administration Unit with any questions.