21 09, 2017

Seed Crop Phytosanitary Visual Inspection Procedures

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Seed Crop Phytosanitary Visual Inspection Procedures September 2017: Purpose: To provide guidance to National Seed Health System (NSHS) accredited entities in the development of procedures for phytosanitary seed crop visual inspection to support the issuance of federal phytosanitary certificates for [...]

12 06, 2017

NSHS Launches New Website

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NSHS Launches New Website June 2017: The National Seed Health System has launched a brand new website. Current news and updates are published under the Updates menu. You will find the Seed Health Testing Methods, as well as a comprehensive list of all the [...]

7 04, 2017

Revised Application

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Revised Accreditation Application and Instructions - Now Available March 2017: NSHS has revised the Accreditation Application form and provided new instructions. The new application is designed to be more user-friendly and accommodate a higher volume of requested tests.

15 01, 2017

Numbering Changes to NSHS Method Codes

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Numbering Changes to NSHS Method Codes January 2017: Numbered codes for NSHS-approved methods were initially established in 2001. As the method list has grown, it has become evident that some inconsistencies developed. In order to resolve these inconsistencies, codes for [...]

15 01, 2017

Revisions to NSHS Methods

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Revisions to NSHS Methods January 2017: Several NSHS-approved methods are linked to official methods of ISTA, the International Seed Testing Association. As of Jan 1, 2017, ISTA published revisions to several methods that are NSHS-approved. These are minor revisions, and [...]