Sb 1.2 Cercospora kikuchii – Blotter2018-04-05T14:29:21-05:00

National Seed Health System

 Sb 1.2  Cercospora kikuchii – Blotter

DATE: 2001
PATHOGEN: Cercospora kikuchii
HOST: Soybean (Glycine max)
COMMON NAME: purple seed stain
METHOD: Sb 1.2 Culture Plate (McGee and Nyvall, 1984) (formerly Sf 1.2)
SAMPLE: 400 seeds


1. Seeds are surface sterilized in 1% sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) for 30 seconds and then rinsed in sterile water.

2. Incubate on a moistened blotter at 25°C for 10 days under continuous light.

3. Seeds are evaluated for the presence of Cercospora kikuchii as indicated by purple staining on the seed coat under fungal growth.


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