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National Seed Health System

Mz 7.1  Fusarium

DATE: 2001
PATHOGEN: Fusarium (Gibberella fujikuroi)
HOST: Maize (Zea mays)
COMMON NAME: Fusarium kernel, root and stalk rot; seed rot; seedling blight
METHOD: Mz 7.1 Blotter (Singh et al., 1974) (formerly Cf 8.2)
METHOD CLASS: Standard (A)
SAMPLE: 400 seeds


1. Four replicates of 100 seeds are surface disinfected in 2.0% sodium hypochlorite.

2. Incubate on a damp blotter at 20°C for 24 h.

3. Freeze at -20°C for 24 h.

4. Incubate for 7 days at 26°C under cycles of 12 h NUV light/12 h darkness.


Singh, D. V., Mathur, S. B. and Neergaard, P. 1974. Seed health testing of maize. Evaluation of testing techniques with particular reference to Drechslera maydis. Seed Sci. Technol. 2:349-365.